10 Best Deer Hunting Guns

Your choice of rifle can really affect your hunting experience. Whether you are hunting on grasslands for mule deer or chasing whitetails in cedar swamps, you need to have the best deer hunting guns for a great hunting experience. The best deer hunting gun is the one that makes your hunting experience more convenient. It offers higher accuracy when making long shots; it is light in weight to make it easy for you to haul up mountains and includes all the necessary features among other things. Below are 10 best deer hunting guns for an excellent deer hunting experience.

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1. Bean field- Sniper Remington- Sendero SF II
This rifle features a 26-inch barrel that enables the rifle to generate a very high velocity that is out of flat- shooting cartridges in order to achieve longer and accurate shots.
The rifle has a scope and is quite heavy compared to other rifles. It weighs about 10 pounds.
However, if you are only going for a short hike, it shouldn't be a problem to carry the Sendero.
The Sendero also features a HS precision stock that improves accuracy. Currently, it is available in .300 Rem. Ultramag., .300Win. Mag., and 7mmRem. Mag.

2. Alpine Shooter-Sako FinnlightAlpine Shooter- Sako Finnlight is an award-winning rifle.
The rifle won the Outdoor Life's Editor's Choice Award for being extremely reliable and accurate.
Unlike other rifles in the market, the light weight of this rifle does not affect its performance in any way.
It weighs only 6 pounds but has higher accuracy than most heavier rifles. Sako Finnlight is available in a number of caliber ranges.
 A few examples include; 7mm Reg. Mag., 6.5x55 SE,.270 WSM and .260 Rem., to name a few. It might be interesting for you to know more about vehicle gun safe for car by clicking the link http://www.extremesafes.com/car-gun-safe-best-vehicle-gun-safe-for-car.

3. Timber Classic- Marlin 336CLever guns are probably the best deer hunting guns in the market.
This is because they strike a perfect balance between firepower, handling portability and balance.
 The Marlin features a low-magnification scope that makes the rifle ideal for hunting in the confines of a small blind as well for hunting dark timber.
This rifle also features a magazine capacity and moderate recoil that you cannot find in most bolt guns. This makes it a very potent and reliable rifle.

4. All-Purpose- All-Star- Weatherby Vanguard Series 2
If you are in the market for a big game, bolt gun, All- Purpose- All-Star- Weatherby Vanguard Series should be at the top of your list.
This rifle has great accuracy, craftsmanship, handling and most importantly, it is sold at a very affordable price.
Weatherby Series 2 is basically a refinement of the first series. The manufacturers have made improvements on safety, trigger, and stock to perfect what was already a great rifle.
This Vanguard series comes in a number of calibers and configurations. However, if you are looking for a powerful rifle, the Stainless Synthetic is the best option. It is not only very accurate but can also handle rough weather conditions and rough handling.

5. Small Plot- Smasher Ambush- 300 Blackout
If you are planning on hunting on a small parcel of private ground, you need a rifle that has the ability to put down an animal very fast.
The Small Plot- Smasher Ambush-300 Blackout is perfect for this kind of job. The majority of hunters prefer the supersonic .30-caliber loads.
This is because it can launch bullets weighing up to 125 grains at about 2,200 fps. The semi-automatic operation and moderate recoil of this rifle make it possible to have fast follow-up shots if needed.
The other thing that makes this rifle a great choice is the fact that it has a threaded 16-inch barrel which makes it possible to attach a sound suppressor.
This enables you to protect your hearing and avoid causing too much noise for the people living close by.

6. Penny Pincher- Ruger AmericanRuger
Americans have always stood out from other rifles in the market.
What makes these rifles stand out is their accuracy and very affordable price. The penny-pincher has a very innovative bedding system and a high-quality barrel that improves your hunting experience.
The rifle also features a three lug-action and adjustable trigger which is hard to find in semi-custom bolt guns.

7. First-timer- Outfit H&R Handy Rifle
If you are just starting out, the First-timer- Outfit H&R Handy Rifle is the best option.
This rifle has basic features which make it very easy for you to use.
 It features an exposed hammer which makes it very easy for you to know the status of your loaded gun.
Apart from this, the rifle is very accurate and has very good triggers. The rifle is offered in a number of calibers including;.223 Rem.,.44 Magnum., and .243 Win. All these calibers are great for deer hunting because they do not have excess recoil.

8. Muzzleloading-Workhorse- Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX
Choosing a muzzleloader is not an easy task. This is because there are numerous options in the market to choose from.
However, the Pro Hunter FX is an excellent choice. This rifle has good ergonomics and comfortable stocks and it is also easy to shoot and clean.
Apart from this, it has a proven track record which makes it a very reliable rifle. There is no way you can go wrong with a Pro Hunter FX.

9. Slug Zone- Specialist Savage M220- Stainless CAMOSavage is known for manufacturing high quality and effective rifles. M220 is not an exception.
This rifle features an Accu-trigger that improves the accuracy of the gun and it is chambered in a 20-gauge which makes it possible for you to achieve a softer shooting.
Another reason to love this rifle is the magazine. It is a detachable box kind of magazine that comes in different grades and holds two rounds.

10. Open Country- Stalker Nosler M48- PatriotOpen Country- Stalker Nosler M48- Patriot is new in the market.
This rifle has so many hunters on their toes with its phenomenal barrel-smoking ballistics.
Every part of this rifle is well designed and it is easy to tell that it was designed by expert shooter and hunters.
The rifle's barrels are very accurate, the triggers are phenomenal, the stocks are strong, stiff and well-proportioned and it provides the best action ever made. This award-winning rifle will not disappoint you.
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